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Thousands of American businesses – both large and small – sell goods to consumers in China and around the world with Alibaba. In 2021, U.S. companies sold more than $61 billion worth of goods to consumers in China through Alibaba’s online platforms.


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Thousands of American Brands are Expanding their Global Reach with Alibaba

Alibaba’s Impact in the US

U.S. Goods Sold through Alibaba in 2021
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Global B2B e-Commerce Market Accessible to U.S. Businesses
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Use Alibaba’s Platforms to Grow International Sales

Alibaba in Protocol

U.S. Businesses Sold $61 Billion+ of Goods to Consumers in China on the Company’s E-commerce Platforms in 2021

During an interview with Protocol President Bennett Richardson on February 1, Alibaba Group President Michael Evans announced that U.S. companies made sales of more than $61 billion to Chinese consumers on the company’s e-commerce platforms in 2021. That number represents a 50% increase for U.S. businesses on Alibaba’s platforms over the past two years.

During the event titled “How tech is making sure shopping will never be the same,” Richardson asked how Alibaba’s innovative technologies can serve as an important growth engine for U.S. businesses.

“American brands are very interested in making sales, but what they're really interested in is the direct consumer contact and developing that consumer base and coming up with new innovative products that are specific for the Chinese market,” said Evans.

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Opening a new world of opportunity

Learn How to Grow Your Business with Alibaba

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U.S. businesses are growing on Alibaba

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