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Florida-Based DS Laboratories' Sales in China are Fueling Job Growth in Miami

DS Laboratories, a leading dermatological brand specializing in science-backed haircare and skincare, is hiring more employees at its headquarters in Miami, Florida, to keep up with the growing demand in China for its hair & skin care products, reports CEO Fernando Tamez. The company partnered with Alibaba in December 2021 to sell to over one billion consumers in China. Now, China is on track to become the brand’s second-largest market.

Since becoming CEO, Dr. Tamez has always been interested in the Chinese market. Initially, the hair-care company found it extremely challenging to navigate the complex Chinese market. It was not until they partnered with Alibaba that they started to see sales.

“DS Laboratories’ sales on Alibaba exceeded expectations by 50% in the first year,” said Dr. Tamez.

He added that Alibaba guided DS Laboratories through every step in the process as they prepared to enter the China market. “Within three months, Alibaba helped us develop a business strategy for China, informed our product mix & pricing structure, set up an online storefront, and even informed our marketing strategy geared for Chinese consumers.”

After completing their first purchase order in China, Dr. Tamez was surprised by how quick and easy it was to start selling in China through Alibaba’s e-commerce platform. “I think the ONLY way to enter the Chinese market is to partner with Alibaba.”

Moving forward, DS Laboratories is prioritizing strengthening its partnership with Alibaba. As a result, they are building a robust team in Miami to capitalize on their growth potential in China, including hiring marketers, manufacturers, shippers, and more. DS Laboratories is excited to expand their footprint and build further brand awareness about their unique products in China.

“At first, Alibaba seemed too good to be true. Now, we’re jumping into every single program they offer.”


"DS Laboratories' sales on Alibaba exceeded expectations by 50% in the first year."
—CEO Fernando Tamez