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Family-Run Business Phyto-C Skin Care Increasing Revenue 600%, Opens New Manufacturing Facility

New Jersey based skincare company Phyto-C Skin Care has seen an exponential increase in revenue since launching their business on Alibaba. As a result of their popularity among Chinese consumers, Phyto-C has built a new 27,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Hawthorne, New Jersey, and hired more local employees to meet the demand.

“Our company experienced a 600% increase in revenue since selling on Alibaba,” Dr. Eddie Omar, CEO of Phyto-C, said. “Partnering with Alibaba was an important business strategy for our family-owned and operated business. They opened the door to the world’s largest and fastest-growing skincare market.”

Considered the inventor and father of topical vitamin C, Dr. Mostafa Omar founded Phytoceuticals, Inc in 1995 and launched Phyto-C Skin Care in 2005. Since launch, the brand has remained true to its roots by combining artisan practices with innovative technology. Even as they ramp up production due to increased demand from Chinese consumers, Phyto-C still manufactures in micro-batches to ensure customers always receive their products fresh.

“Our partnership with Alibaba played a significant role in spurring the recent expansion of our manufacturing facilities. The increased revenue we experienced as a result of our partnership with Alibaba allowed us to invest in expanding our production capabilities and creating a larger and more efficient space,” Omar said.

Alibaba eliminates many traditional barriers that have made it challenging for U.S. companies to do business abroad, including the need to establish a physical presence in China. Omar credits Phyto-C’s success in China to the brand’s partnership with Alibaba.

“As a small business, none of this would have been possible without Alibaba,” Omar said. “From day one, Alibaba supported our entry into the Chinese market by providing data-driven consumer insights that helped shape our marketing strategy and proactive guidance on supply chain and logistical hurdles.”

“Our company experienced a 600% increase in revenue since selling on Alibaba.”
—Dr. Eddie Omar, CEO, Phyto-C