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Timberwolf Pet Food Achieves 7-Figure Growth after Alibaba Launch

Timberwolf Pet Food, a family-owned company based in Windermere, Florida, recently experienced an impressive 7-figure growth after launching on Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms in 2021. The collaboration with Alibaba helped the 25-year-old company to double its sales projections, allowing Timberwolf to expand its product lines, production, and staffing to meet the increasing demand in China.

In China, over 80% of pet food sales are done online. Kam Martin, the CEO of Timberwolf, shared that they knew Alibaba’s Tmall platform, which boasts over one billion online consumers, would be vital. “I knew from experience that Alibaba’s Tmall platform, with over one billion online consumers, was essential to successfully launch our brand in China,” said Martin.

Working closely with Alibaba, Timberwolf strategized its marketing, product mix, pricing, and shipping & logistics to appeal to Chinese consumers. For instance, by observing the 20% annual growth in China’s cat food market, Timberwolf concentrated its efforts on its cat food line, which proved to be a winning strategy.

Martin also stated that partnering with Alibaba allowed Timberwolf to discover new business opportunities and expand its global reach. The company’s success and increased brand awareness in China have also generated renewed interest in the brand from U.S. distributors. Martin said, “Many people were already familiar with us since we’ve been around for 25 years, but when they saw our success in China, there was a renewed interest in our products here in the U.S.”

With sales skyrocketing in China, Timberwolf is growing its team both locally and remotely. Martin is confident in the company’s future, stating, “The sky’s the limit. We’re carving out a unique export space for pet products, and we aim to be the number one cat food exporter from the U.S. I think we can achieve it through Alibaba.”

"I knew from experience that Alibaba, with over one billion online consumers, was essential to successfully launch our brand in China."
—CEO Kam Martin