About Alibaba: the Superhighway to Global Ecommerce

Alibaba provides ecommerce platforms that enable thousands of U.S. businesses, ranging from global brands to small and medium-sized businesses, to sell their products internationally and reach more than a billion consumers in China. Learn more about Alibaba.

Alibaba's U.S. Leadership Michael Evans

As companies look for opportunities to grow beyond their home market, Alibaba provides positive and innovative growth platforms for American brands.
—Michael Evans, President & Director of Alibaba Group

A Message from Alibaba Group President, Michael Evans

Alibaba’s mission is “to make it easy to do business anywhere.” This website provides a window into how U.S. businesses are accessing nearly one billion consumers in China and other overseas markets through our digital platforms. By connecting American companies with new consumers and businesses abroad, we help them drive increased global sales, grow communities, create jobs, and support dozens of U.S. industries and sectors.