American Entrepreneurs Turn to to Bring Their Innovations to Life provides American businesses access to over 40 million global suppliers. Entrepreneurs and SMB’s across the U.S. turn to the B2B e-commerce platform to buy products, source materials, and connect with manufacturers and potential partners.

Hannah Ashton, Founder of Dream Daily, from Nashville, Tennessee, relies on to find manufacturers for her line of stationery products aimed at inspiring young women. “My biggest motivator as a business owner is my customers! When they share how a Dream Daily product has helped them achieve their dreams, I am motivated to create new products. allows me to keep creating by supplying customized products that meet my customers’ needs,” Ashton shared.

“ has transformed the way we do business and opened up countless opportunities for growth and expansion,” Toyiah Marquis, Owner of the Patch Party Club from Chicago, Illinois, commented. Her company sells unique, socially conscious, high-quality patches produced by manufacturers she found on

Sherry Shamrock started her business, PoundPoms, by partnering with Her company, based in Austin, Texas, sells weighted pom poms for fitness enthusiasts, cheerleader conditioning, and breast cancer survivors. It is a garage-based, ground-up, solo venture where Sherry wears all the hats. And fills all the pom poms. “Now more than ever, with the support and partnership of, I am more confident that I really can go from garage to global,” Shamrock shared about her experience with Alibaba.

Crease Beast, founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2020, provides a practical remedy for the common woe of sneaker enthusiasts: creases in their beloved footwear. With a product design in mind, the new business turned to to source and manufacture breathable shoe inserts that keep footwear looking as fresh as the day they came out of the box. “Every aspect of our product is sourced directly from Our vision was brought to life thanks to the effectiveness of several manufacturers on the platform, and throughout the years, our business has received continuous support that helped us successfully introduce our new invention to the market,” said Crease Beast Co-Founder Matt Jones.

Countless American SMBs and entrepreneurs are building their businesses by partnering with Whether they are buying and sourcing products like the above success stories or selling to over 40 million B2B buyers worldwide, the platform fosters entrepreneurship in today’s interconnected world economy. Alibaba’s online marketplace is having a positive impact on the U.S. economy and in communities across America. Learn more about Alibaba’s economic impact.