Florida Jewelry Wholesale Business Expands into 6 New Global Markets on Alibaba.com

Alibaba.com helped Wholesale Jewelry, based in Destin, Florida, expand its global reach within months of launching on the B2B sales platform. CEO Tony Crisafi credits Alibaba.com’s professional onboarding service, which helped him set up an online storefront and post his products. This made Wholesale Jewelry’s start much quicker, leading to their first significant sale within their second month of selling on the platform.

With over 40 million active B2B buyers sourcing from the site, Tony knew that even a fraction of that traffic would bring him a valuable revenue stream. He understood that buyers on the platform wanted to source from reliable suppliers, so when selling on Alibaba.com, he was sure to be prompt and open with his communication.

Wholesale Jewelry increased its inventory to over a million pieces to keep up with Alibaba.com’s demand. By providing ready-to-ship (RTS) samples, Tony secured more customers by allowing buyers to test the product before placing a large wholesale order. With all these efforts, Tony credits selling on Alibaba.com as key to helping him achieve this.

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