Nuria Shows How to Take a Startup Company Global on Alibaba

Three months was all it took for New Jersey-based Nuria Beauty to open an online storefront on Alibaba’s Tmall Global and outpace their domestic retail sales. The female-founded vegan beauty brand understood that China offers great opportunities for U.S. companies to grow and expand their customer base. So, when they were ready to move into China, Nuria Beauty turned to Alibaba.

Nuria Beauty is now a fan favorite on Tmall Global, which provides U.S. companies with access to one billion Chinese consumers. According to the company, Alibaba and Tmall took care of all the difficult technologies and made it easy to access Chinese customers directly.

Nuria Beauty has embraced Chinese consumers’ passion for ecommerce and interactive digital experiences. “You can’t be successful here in the U.S. by just doing ecommerce. There are maybe one or two brands that have been able to do it successfully, but there’s a limit, a ceiling,” Josh Ghaim, CEO of Nuria Beauty, says. “There is no ceiling in China.”

We’re very excited about the results we’re seeing in China.
—Josh Ghaim, CEO, Nuria