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Antica Farmacista’s Fulfilling Global Sales with Alibaba

In 2019, Antica Farmacista’s co-founders, Susanne Pruitt and Shelley Callaghan, sought the support of Alibaba to expand their luxury home fragrance business in China. With unparalleled access to the Chinese market, including one billion Chinese shoppers on Alibaba’s ecommerce platforms, sales of Antica’s home fragrance products in China have taken off.

Using Alibaba’s Overseas Fulfillment program, Antica leverages the ecommerce company’s global warehouse in Los Angeles to keep a flexible inventory of products in stock and ships orders directly to China in 7 to 10 days.

With interest in affordable luxury home goods increasing among Chinese consumers, Antica recently hosted a livestream on Alibaba’s ecommerce platform featuring one of China’s top beauty influencers. Drawing around 10 million views, thousands of Antica’s luxury home fragrance products sold in just minutes.

Today, Pruitt and Callaghan view Alibaba as essential to their future. “If we look at China, Tmall Global is the leader in direct-to-consumer.” Callaghan adds, “You throw in influencers, and it only compounds how big this could be for us.”

Alibaba is a really important part of our future.
—Shelley Callaghan, Co-Founder, Antica Farmacista