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Growing Our Business Globally Means Growing Jobs Locally

Boscia, a skincare company from California, has experienced month-over-month growth for every product it sells on Alibaba’s Tmall Global platform. As a result of this success, the company is now looking to hire more employees in the U.S.

The Boscia team attributes its success to valuable insights into Chinese consumer needs and preferences thanks to Alibaba’s consumer analytics.

“We were able to learn what Chinese consumers think about clean beauty, how they look at retail, how they shop, and what specific keywords they use when searching for products,” says Sarah Inomata, Boscia’s Assistant Director, International Sales. “We received a lot of feedback and positive reviews on the consignment model and had full visibility into what was working and what products were doing well in the market.”

Because of the strong results, Boscia shifted from a consignment model with Alibaba to its own flagship store on Tmall Global. One of the most appealing things about launching a Tmall Global flagship store is that brands can maintain control over their content, including copy and product images, which are integral to expanding their offerings and sharing their brand story with Chinese consumers.

“Our goal is to continue to grow on this platform and see what we can accomplish. The sky’s the limit for us. My advice to other brands that want to sell in China is do not wait. Start now. I wish we had started selling sooner in China via Tmall Global,” said Sarah Inomata, who heads international sales for Boscia.

The sky’s the limit for our business in China.
—Sarah Inomata, Manager of International Sales, Boscia