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Emily’s Chocolates Caters to Chinese Consumers with Alibaba’s Insights

No matter the size of the business, Alibaba offers unparalleled service to American brands trying to sell in the China marketplace, such as Emily’s Chocolates, a small business from Fife, Washington. When Emily’s first started on Alibaba’s ecommerce platforms, they only sold seven units. However, the Alibaba team knew it could do better.

Alibaba worked with Emily’s Chocolates to optimize its products and marketing for the China marketplace. For example, Alibaba advised the company that consumers in China prefer unsalted mixed nuts to salted ones. As a result, Emily’s adjusted its China-bound product to make it less salty, and sales soared to over 10,000 jars.

Emily’s Chocolates continued growing its business in China by opening a flagship store on Alibaba’s Tmall Global platform. “Our vision for the flagship store will allow us to deepen our conversation with our customers. We will have the opportunity to get an even better sense of what they’re looking for, what types of products they are interested in, and then tailor the creation of products,” said Emily’s CEO Amy Paulose.

“Emily’s Chocolates has certainly proven a small business (from Washington) can grow to an international player. That gives me a lot of pride as mayor,” said Kim Roscoe, mayor of Fife, Washington.

Alibaba helped our family business go global.
—Amy Paulose, CEO, Emily’s Chocolates & Nuts