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Alibaba Case Studies

Alibaba works with American small businesses, farmers, and major brands to sell everything from agricultural products and chocolates to cosmetics and jewelry, to China's rapidly growing middle class.Alibaba eliminates the traditional barriers that have made it challenging for companies to do business abroad. Alibaba takes care of supply chains, logistics, payments, and marketing and lets U.S. companies focus on innovating new products and serving their new customers.

Below are a few case studies demonstrating how Alibaba's core services support the rapid growth of American businesses.

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Office Depot

In July 2019, Office Depot partnered to launch "Office Depot on," a new co-branded B2B site geared to serve as a one-stop-shop providing small and medium-sized U.S. businesses with everything from I.T., logistics and sales services to office supplies.'s U.S.-based team is also assisting Office Depot's customer support staff with providing local support and sourcing experts that can help customers engage with Alibaba's global network of more than 150,000 suppliers.

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The Abingdon Co.

When pilot Chelsea Abingdon Welch noticed a lack of aviator watch designs for female pilots and divers, she launched The Abingdon Co. in 2007 to fill the void. Welch leveraged to identify several watch manufacturers in Hong Kong, Japan, and Switzerland, and ultimately partnered with one based in Hong Kong to build a prototype and fulfill the order for her first 500 watches. Her watches immediately drew attention from trade show buyers and press, and the company served roughly 100 customers in its first year. Abingdon Co. now has thousands of customers worldwide, and its annual revenue figures continue to increase year after year. Welch recently turned to again and found a manufacturer in New York with whom she is collaborating on a line of jewelry.

Local Success Stories

Alibaba’s Customer Stories State-by-State

Alibaba's mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere in the digital era. With an ecosystem of more than 30 business units, Alibaba’s array of digital e-commerce platforms grant American companies unparalleled access to China and other global markets. Over 1 billion consumers shop on Alibaba, generating tens of billions of dollars in international sales for small, mid-sized, and large U.S. businesses.

Alibaba’s business ecosystem also helps to create jobs, grow local economies and support industries across the country. Learn how companies in your state are benefiting from their partnership with Alibaba. Download a list of Alibaba’s U.S.-based customers.

"Partners such as Alibaba are really great. They help spearhead and walk you through the process of selling to Chinese consumers. There's such an appreciation for the products that we are developing, and consumers are eager.”

Amy Paulose, President, AMES International