Alibaba Hosts Global Products Expo: “Made in the USA”

With over two million online retailers, e-commerce is a critical pillar of the U.S. economy. Beyond retail, e-commerce is also an essential sales channel for America’s B2B companies, especially for international sales where traditional channels, i.e., in-person trade shows and meetings, have been stifled by the pandemic.

Last year, Alibaba launched a series of virtual trade shows designed to enable U.S. businesses to connect with international buyers remotely. In February,, the B2B trade platform of Alibaba Group, hosted a special two-week “Global Products Expo: Made in the USA” to help American B2B companies sell locally-made products overseas. Over 15,000 American products were showcased throughout the expo.

These products came from hundreds of U.S. businesses, including ACME Smoked Fish Corp. from New York, Mason Vitamins from Florida, and X.J. Beauty from California. Watch the video below to learn how these companies were able to engage with international buyers remotely.

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