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"We’re ready to grow further and China has always been at the forefront of our minds.”

Randi Shinder, Founder

SBLA Beauty Launches in China with Support from Brand Ambassador Christie Brinkley and Tmall

When beauty industry veteran Randi Shinder founded SBLA Beauty, she was looking for white space in the beauty market and discovered that there were no technology-based topical skincare solutions that effectively targeted the neck area. So, she launched SBLA in June 2018 with its hero product: the Neck, Chin, and Jawline Sculpting Wand, a scientifically driven anti-aging solution for the neck, chin, jawline and décolletage. With an antimicrobial stainless steel rollerball and 104 measured doses in each wand, it delivers a time-released, concentrated serum that firms, lifts, defines and sculpts the entire neck area.

Based on its early success, in 2020, SBLA introduced the Neck Sculpting Wand XL, the first-ever topical application proven to melt fat. The formula targets and treats the neck area to melt fat under the chin, boost collagen production and generate millions of new skin cells overnight. SBLA has since expanded its product line to include clinically proven, noninvasive solutions for the face and lips.

The SBLA brand is far from Shinder’s first success in the beauty industry. In 2002, she launched CLEAN Perfume, which became one of the most successful independent fragrance brands. She then partnered with Jessica Simpson to create Dessert Beauty, the only multisensory beauty experience based on scent and flavor. In 2005, Shinder launched LipFusion, the first ever micro-injected collagen lip plumper, and then went on to co-create the I Smell Great fragrance line with actress Sophia Bush. 

From Celebrity Customer to Brand Spokesperson

In early 2021, supermodel Christie Brinkley signed on as an official SBLA brand ambassador and equity partner. She first learned about the brand’s solutions when she asked a few friends and colleagues how they were changing their skincare routines during pandemic quarantines. Her publicist recommended the SBLA Neck and Facial Sculpting Wands. Brinkley, immediately impressed with the results, contacted SBLA to see how she might work with the brand. Brinkley has since partnered with Shinder to develop new anti-aging formulas and innovations for the brand and bring SBLA’s unique skincare products to consumers across the globe.

Launching in China at the Right Moment

SBLA has concentrated on growing its business in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe and has seen strong sales throughout the pandemic. However, the leadership team has long had China in its sights, and the brand is now entering the market with Tmall Global’s support through the Go Global 11.11 Pitch Fest.

The brand’s expansion strategy makes perfect sense, as the cosmetic skincare market is expected to reach nearly $40 billion in China by 2027 and is becoming more quality-driven as opposed to price-driven. Also, skincare sales increased during the pandemic as color cosmetics usage declined due to mask wearing and as consumers took more interest in their overall health.

SBLA’s primary target demographic is women ages 40–60, but the brand also has many male customers. As sales of male grooming categories are growing in China, SBLA is seeing additional customer acquisition opportunities.

Chinese consumers are also increasingly seeking clean, natural product ingredients that are backed by science. SBLA’s vegan formulas are all manufactured in the USA and free of fragrances, parabens and gluten. 

“We’ve seen great success in the US market, but we’re at a point where we’re ready to grow further and China has always been at the forefront of our minds,” says Shinder. “Everybody everywhere wants to take care of their skin, and we feel that our innovative, plant-based products will definitely appeal to consumers in China.”