Radha Beauty



Radha Beauty

Radha Beauty is working with Alibaba to expand its reach globally and create quality jobs in Aurora, Ohio, where the company is based. The company has grown thanks to its reputation for high quality, farm to table products. Now, with the help of Alibaba’s Tmall Global, Radha Beauty is selling its natural beauty products to global consumers.

“When Radha started it had all its eggs in one basket. You can’t just rely on the US market,” said Christopher Longo, CEO of Radha Beauty. “So it’s important to use other platforms like Tmall Global. Tmall and Alibaba working with us is a great partnership.”

Tmall’s innovative marketing tools, such as livestreaming, bring Radha Beauty’s products to life for global consumers. Long says that with the help of Alibaba, Radha Beauty is a growing presence in the Aurora community with more than 250 employees. “Every day when I drive into work as the company continues to grow, the parking lot keeps filling up. And what does that mean? More and more families benefitting from the growth of the company.”

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