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Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray, the world’s leading producer of cranberry juices, drinks and dried cranberries, is a unique American success story. Founded as an agricultural cooperative 90 years ago by three farmers in Massachusetts, Ocean Spray is now owned by 700 grower families who proudly produce cranberries across the US, Canada and Chile. When Ocean Spray decided to expand its international reach in 2015, the co-op leveraged Alibaba’s ecosystem to introduce its healthy products to consumers in China, where there is strong demand for great-tasting, high-quality foods and juices.

Ocean Spray launched a Tmall Global flagship store to better tell its unique agricultural co-op story and introduce its products to millions more Chinese consumers. Through its partnership with Alibaba, Ocean Spray created a streamlined way to get its delicious products quickly from the family farmers who grow the berries to families’ tables in China. Ocean Spray has big plans in China and other markets around the world and is continuing to tap into Alibaba’s ecosystem to innovate and reach more consumers online and offline. See how Ocean Spray launched its global efforts with Alibaba here.

Ocean Spray is one of the world’s leading producers of cranberry juices, juice drinks and dried cranberries. The company was founded 90 years ago in Massachusetts and has hundreds of member growers in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Florida. Ocean Spray leverages the unparalleled scale and reach of Alibaba’s ecosystem to share the cranberry’s unique taste and exceptional health benefits with China’s consumers.

China is the fastest growing market for dried fruits, nuts and premium beverages. Ocean Spray partnered with Alibaba’s Tmall to expand its reach with its online flagship store. The partnership helps create a streamlined approach for Ocean Spray that brings the companies’ products efficiently from farms to consumer’s tables throughout the globe.