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Bella Belle

"Pitch Fest is a great opportunity for us to get a head start."

Veronyca Kwan, Co-Founder

Luxury Shoemaker Bella Belle Looks to Reach 8 Million Weddings in China with Tmall Global’s Support

In the U.S., a typical year sees about 2million weddings. In China, that figure is upward of 8 million, and althoughChinese brides may wear six or more dresses over the course of their weddingday, they have historically worn just a single pair of shoes throughout theevent.

To offer Chinese brides greater access toexquisite, handcrafted bridal shoes that help create lifetime memories,US-based luxury shoe brand Bella Belle is now partnering with Tmall Global as aGo Global 11.11 Pitch Fest participant. Bella Belle has shipped to 79 countriesand currently partners with 60 stockists across 22 countries, but the brand’sfounders have always prioritized growth in China, given the scale of itspopulation, its fast-growing economy and its thriving wedding market.

“The Prettiest 12-Hour Shoes”

Bella Belle is a passion project of two highschool best friends, Veronyca Kwan and Erina Ardianto, who originally beganselling shoes out of their living rooms while they were in college. CreativeDirector Ardianto oversees the brand’s design and aesthetics, which prioritizefemininity and romanticism, while Kwan is responsible for global expansion andstorytelling.

The co-founders officially launched BellaBelle in 2016 to create handmade bridal and special occasion shoes that are ascomfortable as they are beautiful. The team recognized a white space in themarket for exquisite, on-trend wedding shoes at an affordable luxury pricepoint, and wanted to offer brides across the world access to “the prettiest12-hour shoes” that provided the ultimate in comfort throughout the entirewedding day.

Bella Belle creates all of its designsin-house, and artisans at a family-owned production facility in China crafteach shoe by hand, using beads, lace and embroidered elements sourced fromaround the world. The secret to the shoes’ comfort is their generous padding,three to four times more than is typical in dressy shoes. Also, every elementthat touches the foot is made from either soft leather or stretchable, breathablemesh.

Content Is Queen

Rather than relying on social mediainfluencers to build brand awareness, Bella Belle has built a global communityof wedding planners, gown and jewelry designers, and customers to providefeedback via social media and share recommendations. The brand focuses oncreating high-quality, entertaining content to drive new customer acquisitionand recently launched a unique initiative called Bella Belle by You to allowits global followers across social platforms to vote on their favorite shoe designs,details and names. The brand is now creating the winning designs, which will bereleased early next year. The initiative has been “great for communityengagement and feedback,” says Kwan, putting the brand’s customers andfollowers at the center of the product development process.

Bella Belle has an e-commerce platform inChina, but this year will be first time the brand has taken part in 11.11promotions on Tmall Global. Kwan says that Pitch Fest is “a great opportunityfor us to get a head start and let people know that we’re already in China, andthat they don’t have to wait to get items shipped from the US.” The foundersare now working with the Tmall team to identify potential influencer and designcollaboration partners in China ahead of the festival.

With demand for beautiful handmade wedding shoeson the rise in China, the Bella Belle founders say they’re thrilled to have thechance to work with the Tmall team to further tailor their assortment andcontent for the local consumer audience