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Natural beauty products brand 100% Pure is a small business based in California, but it has relied on Alibaba’s expertise and resources to help it grow for more than a decade. The partnership began with Alibaba.com helping 100% Pure source the packaging materials and natural raw ingredients it needed for its color cosmetics, skincare, and bath and body products. Alibaba enabled the company to work directly with vetted factories abroad that offered the transparency, quality and efficiency that the brand required.

Building on years of trust in Alibaba, 100% Pure launched a flagship store on Tmall Global in 2017 to introduce its brand to Chinese consumers who are eager to access high-quality natural beauty and skincare products. The brand saw theplatform as a trusted marketplace with enormous reach that also offered innovative marketing tools such as live streaming. The company’s long partnership with Alibaba has allowed 100% Pure to achieve greater sales growth and expand its global reach to create more jobs in the US. Learn more about 100% Pure’s story here.

100% Pure, a maker of natural beauty products, has relied on Alibaba to help grow its business for more than a decade. Alibaba connected 100% Pure with global makers of packaging material for its organic cosmetics, toners and soaps. The site then steered the company toward suppliers for the natural ingredients it needed to create its high-quality products.

Alibaba made it possible for 100% Pure to contact factories abroad directly, which allowed for faster communication and fewer expenses by cutting out the middlemen. The factories, all vetted by Alibaba, set up profiles on the site complete with essential information and even pictures to show prospective clients what their operations looked like.

After its initial success with Alibaba, 100% Pure began using Alibaba’s business-to-consumer platform Tmall Global to sell into China without setting up a physical store in the country. “I’ve seen what they can do. They haven’t let me down,” says Ric Kostick, Founder & CEO of 100% Pure. “Having access to even more sales will mean more job creation in the U.S.”